One year on

It seems like it was only yesterday, but the book Tall: the Design and Construction of High-Rise Architecture has now been published for one year. The good news is that it is selling well, especially in New Zealand, and of course selling really well at Victoria University of Wellington, where I am based. Sales figures are generally great throughout New Zealand and good in Australia, with some decent sales also in the UK. So far though, it has not been selling at all well in the USA and in Asia, both of which I was hoping there would be a good market for. So, time for a sales push.

I’m keen therefore to hear from students or architects who have read the book, to see if they can leave a comment about what they found useful about the book – what they liked, or what they didn’t. It’s only by constructive feedback that we can all learn and improve and move on – that goes for the authors as well as the students. Who knows if there will be a revised edition one day – it has sold out from its first printing i think, but more copies are being printed so it will be available for some years to come.

So if you have any comments you would like to leave, please do so here!


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  1. Very helpful book. Offered insight into SARC 321 having read it before the course started. Good point of reference to refer back to during the course, and a great starting point for further research moving forward.

  2. This book is written in an easy to read style, a huge change from regular textbook language, and that makes it immediately a winner for me. The drawings are great and really help to visualise the information in the text. The book is well linked to SARC 321 content and gives students a really good base of knowledge from which to build on.

    A possible improvement is to include some information on balconies, handrails, and other external protrusions requiring connection to internal structure, otherwise great.

    1. Great feedback, thank you, and yes: balconies and handrails will be covered in the upcoming book on Modern Apartment Design.
      Still in the writing stage at present, but it is well underway. More feedback please!

  3. ‘Tall: The Design & Construction of High-Rise Architecture’ as a reference book is a valuable tool for understanding tall building construction, an asset to assist architects, designers and students base knowledge. The engaging text & layout with clear illustrations allows the reader to learn a wealth of information required to develop projects.

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